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Student Membership

Student Membership Benefits

Some Valuable Counsel to Students . . .   

from the Academy’s Founder:   Dr. Gordon J. Christensen

Just over 40 years ago, I was asked by Church leaders to form an organization for the many dentists in the LDS community. This had never been done before that time. We did so, and the Academy has been in successful operation since 1977.

You may know that our profession is represented in the Church to a much higher level than any other health profession.  Dentistry is a highly popular career choice among LDS students, and dentists within the Church hold a high percentage of Church and civic leadership positions wherever they reside.

If I were you, soon to be a dentist, why would I want to become a member of the Academy?  I have enumerated several important points that I know will spark your interest:

Continuing Education

The day you graduate from dental school, you will have received a great education, adequate to begin a practice.  However, we are told that within five years, one-half of your education will be out of date.

The Academy has the best CE program in the profession, provided in an August conference just before BYU’s Campus Education Week.  Over many years, we have had hundreds of the best international speakers in the profession present at our program.  Also, the conference includes programs for spouses and children, great fellowshipping, and a wonderful dinner and spiritual fireside.


Regardless of where you set up your practice, from time to time it will be necessary to refer patients to dentists in other geographic locations.  You know of the honesty and altruistic behavior of LDS members. What better referral base can you find?

Service Opportunities

The Academy sponsors hands-on service excursions around the world. Hundreds of Academy members have participated in these life-changing experiences.  As soon as you are stable in your practice, such programs will become very attractive to you.

Speaking Opportunities

The Academy has sponsored CE courses for thousands of dentists in developing countries.  Academy members go each year to provide these useful programs to dentists of every faith.

Combining Professional Activity and Your Faith

I know that you will enjoy the opportunity to renew school friendships and create new ones with Academy members from around the world.  The combination of the eternal characteristics of our faith with professional activity is a fantastic blessing to both patients and dentists.

I am pleased to add to your knowledge of an organization I know will be of interest to you, the Academy of LDS Dentists, and to invite you to become a student member at no charge. 

Furthermore, there will be no charge for membership to the Academy for two years after you graduate from dental school. We hope you will join.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about what I consider to be one of the finest dental organizations available to YOU.

Very sincerely,

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Founder and Past President
Academy of LDS Dentists

P.S.  If your school has an Academy’s Student Chapter – sign-up!   If it doesn’t, get together with your classmates and create one.  The Academy can help you!

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Scholarship Info

The 2018 scholarship application process will begin February 1st, 2018

Education is a key focus of the Academy, and  the Annual Conference, sponsored by the Academy each year in August at BYU, is an excellent way to receive top-notch dental education, while developing friendships and enjoying fellowship with other members of the Academy in an environment which embraces the standards and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dental school can be very expensive, creating financial difficulties for students in many areas, including being able to participate in additional educational opportunities, which can be very rewarding and life-changing for students.  In order to facilitate dental students’ ability to participate in the Annual Conference, the Academy will again be offering the THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP.  

Dental students awarded this scholarship will be reimbursed up to $1,000 for conference expenses incurred while attending the 2018 Annual Conference (August 17-18, 2018) including: registration, airfare, rental car (or mileage for own car), hotel, and meals.  This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of coming to the Annual Conference without financial stress attached! The money can also go to cover expenses for spouse and/or children who attend the conference. NEW THIS YEAR:  Students will also be awarded a bonus scholarship check at the conference. **Student MUST be present at conference and attend both days of the conference to fulfill requirements for the scholarship reimbursement and be awarded the bonus scholarship.

Criteria will be based on merit, financial need, and potential for contribution to the dental profession.

For dental hygiene scholarship, students will receive complimentary dental conference registration for our annual conference (August 17-18, 2018), plus receive a bonus check at the conference. **Student MUST be present at conference and attend both full days of the conference to receive the bonus scholarship check. 

If you have questions regarding the scholarship application process, contact Kathy Whittle at 801.889.7012 or

List of Student Chapters


Here is the most recent list of student chapters and chapter presidents for the Academy of LDS Dentists. A few of the schools don’t show a president. This indicates that the school did have a chapter at one time, but isn’t currently active. If you are interested in serving as chapter president at a school that is listed  (or would like to start a chapter at your school), please e-mail Kathy at We’d love to have you on board!

AB|Can University of Alberta School of Dentistry Orr Logan
DH/Caa Dalhouise University Johnson Robbie
AZ 1 ATSU – Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health Grant Eric
AZ 2 Midwestern U. School of Dentistry Deehr Joel
CA 1 Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Anderson Jeff
CA 2 UCLA School of Dentistry Taylor Clark
CA 3 Univ. of CA at San Francisco School of Dentistry
CA 4 University of the Pacific Dental School Hubbard Brendan
CA 5 USC – Ostrow School of Dentistry Egan Keith
CA 6 Western University Egget Weston
CO University of CO at Denver School of Dental Medicine Lundin Cameron
FL 1 NOVA College of Dental Medicine Randall Steve
FL 2 LECOM School of Dentistry Hamren Dustin
IA University of Iowa School of Dentistry Beck Colby
IN Indiana University School of Dentistry Clark Devin
IL Midwestern Downers Grove Dental School Holloway Jared
KY 1 University of Kentucky College of Dentistry
KY 2 University of Louisville School of Dentistry Bingham Tyler
LA Louisiana State University School of Dentistry Mark Whatcott
MA 1 Boston University School of Dental Medicine Jones Shawn
MA 2 Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Hammon Michael
MD University of Maryland School of Dentistry Gregoire Christopher
MI University of Michigan School of Denitstry Fischer Colton
MN University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Horst Joe
MO 1 University of MO at Kansas City School of Dentistry Muir Matthew
MO 2 ATSU – Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health Frei William
NC University of North Carolina Webb Neko
NE Creighton University School of Dentistry Harris Lane
NV University of NV at Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine Collins William
NY University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine Cannon Steve
OH 1 Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine Light Jonathan
OH 2 Ohio State University College of Dentistry Moeller Aaron
OK Oklahoma University HSC’s College of Dentistry Moses Greg
PA 1 Temple University School of Dentistry
PA 2 University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry
PA3 University of Pittsburg School of Dentistry Munk Devan
PR University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine Bowen Douglas
SC Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry
TX 1 University of TX HSC – Houston School of Dentistry Cornwell Logan
TX 2 University of TX HSC – San Antonio School of Dentistry
UT Roseman University College of Dental Medicine Rodriguez Daniel
UT University of Utah School of Dentistry Hine Adam
VA Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry Bitner Jared
WA Washington University School of Dentistry Rhoten Lance

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –   –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  

For e-mail addresses of the above presidents, or to let us know of any updates that should be made to this list, e-mail Kathy at

Resources for Students

The Academy is Here to help Students

The leaders of the Academy of LDS Dentists are impressed with the current group of students of dentistry and their enthusiasm for developing a ph
ilosophy of providing humanitarian service.  We are pleased with the leadership and initiative that is forth-coming from this group of dental professionals.  This is one of the reasons why we offer free membership in the Academy throughout the students’ training and for two years after graduation.

There are many tools available from the Academy, which can help students learn the techniques of providing service and formulate a life-long pattern of proper skills.

Since humanitarian service projects in foreign countries come with a great deal of financial and time commitment, students are encouraged to look for opportunities locally, until the time is such that one can afford to donate this service.  In the mean time, the following resources might help the student understand the resources available through the Academy:

  • If students are involved with a Student Chapter of the Academy, the Chapter President can “check out” one of the many training DVDs presented by the Academy’s founder Dr. Gordon J. Christensen to be shown at a training session for the chapter students.  Students who participate in a Student Chapter of the Academy find it valuable to interact with others of the same belief, challenges, and aspirations.  The Academy will help students start their own Chapter, if there isn’t one available at their school.
  • Written materials appear periodically that are valuable in training the dental professional in how service projects should be developed.  Student members receive, free of charge, the email Publications of the Academy, which include the monthly
  • Each year the Academy offers Student Scholarships to dental and hygiene students each year to qualified individuals.  This demonstrates our support in helping the students with the increasing costs of education.
  • Mentor Program. Do you have questions about school related topics, setting up a practice, good business ethics? These are just some of the things a mentor can give you guidance about. This is an exciting new program available to young dentists in their first  three years of dental practice or for dental students.  If you are interested in being mentored, please fill out our Mentorship Request Form here.  Provide your name, address, e-mail, phone number, school and graduation date if applicable, dental specialty (if applicable), and where you would like to locate.  The Academy has seasoned dentists who have volunteered to be mentors and will pair you up with a mentor.
  • Students can receive a subscription to the Gordon J. Christensen’s Clincians Report for FREE (a $149/year value). The registration process includes an option to request the Clinicians Report.
  • The chapter on “Third-World Volunteer Dentistry”was written by Dr. Richard Smith, at the request of Dr. Karl R. Koerner, both members of the Academy, and was published to assist dentists involved with dental humanitarian service.  It outlines the preparation and planning, which should take place for a project, and details tools and skills to treat this unique population of needy patients.
  • Our 6-part Collection of Service Videos teaches the viewer about the practical and how-to instructions of serving patients around the world and are worth the time to watch them.
  • If questions arise, which cannot be answered from advisers or professors, students can contact the Academy leadership at and we’ll do our best to answer your question or link you with someone who can.


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